Research & Development Cell

The College has established Research and Development Cell (R & D)  in order to promote research activities among the students and staff of the college. All Head of departments also act as members of the cell which provides valuable suggestions/inputs in carrying out the research work in the College.

Functionalities of Research & Development Cell

The following are the functions and responsibilities of research and Development Cell

  1. To identify potential areas of research in various disciplines of engineering and form the faculty into various clusters based on their specialization.
  2. To prepare and submit proposals to government agencies like AICTE, UGC, DST, IE(I) etc for obtaining funded projects.
  3. To encourage multi-disciplinary research internally within the institute and externally with other organizations.
  4. Encourage staff to attend/publish papers in various National/International conferences of their specialised areas.
  5. To coordinate the research activities among the various departments of the college.
  6. Encourage the faculty to attend various research oriented Faculty development programmes.
  7. Encourage and motivate the staff to apply for Ph.D at various Universities.
  8. To encourage the staff to publish their research works in reputed journals that have good impact factor and are Scopus indexed.
  9. To plan for resource mobilization through industry interaction, consultancy and Extramural funding.
  10. Scrutinize the student’s project proposals and send them to various agencies for financial support and recommend the suitable projects.
  11. In order to promote research activity in college, CAHCET promotes and encourages to prepare and submit a proposal for internal funding.
  12. To keep research and development active, R & D Cell organize meetings every start and end of the semesters and subsequently discuss about internal funding systems.
  13. R & D cell receives the internal proposals, the committee evaluates and finally it approves or rejects based on the novelty or benefits to society or college.