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Sports & Athletics

The blooming youth should enjoy the bliss of its health. Of the seven ages of man, this stage of life is a very richly blessed lot. An erudite engineer should have an energetic body propelled by its sound health. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a proverb. Likewise, an hour in the play field keeps several ailments away. And thus, sports and games have their own reward. This is one reason why the University and the Government have made Physical Education obligatory. CAHCET evinces keen interest in this segment of student’s four-year career. Lots of funds have been allocated to purchase and keep all the latest tools to answer the Physical Educational needs of our athletes and sports stars, in particular and all other students in general.


  • Vast sports arena even to stage Zonal and Inter-Zonal Competitions.
  • Gymnasium that fulfills the norms of the University and the National Board of Accreditation.
  • Top quality equipment to develop muscle power and streamline the physique.
  • Regular practice to gain experience, to shine and excel in any Tournament.
  • Won Trophies and Shields in several Zonal, Inter-Zonal and National-level Tournaments.
  • Qualified and experienced Physical Directors for effective training.

Our college Boys and Girls students have won in sports during academic year 2015- 2016


1. TABLE TENNIS(Womens) – Third Position(BRONZE MEDAL)

2. BADMINTON (Men) – Third Position(BRONZE MEDAL)

3. BADMINTON (Men) – Winners (GOLD MEDAL)

4. HAND BALL(Men) – Winners (GOLD MEDAL)

5. KHO- KHO(Men) – Winners (GOLD MEDAL)

6. HOCKEY (Men) – Winners (GOLD MEDAL)

7. ATHLETICS(Men) over all Championship RUNNERS

8. ATHLETICS( Women) over all Championship RUNNERS